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Post by 1ridindirty » Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:37 pm

Well here we go, another fine day at the trail with the platoon,,, Chris ( Great Dane ) says " IF THEY RAISE THAT LEVEE 2 MORE FEET, I'm GONNA PUKE " Yea the levee at the exit is 2 feet higher than usual,,,

Cody shows up with the full suspension and so said, " IT FEELS LIKE I'M WEARING ARMY BOOTS " That's what riding a single speed will do for ya.

Ricky shows up with a nice pair of MTB shoes that are apparently too large, I recommend THICKER SOCKS, he says, F#$% THAT, the first $10.00 takes em',,, good thing I had a $10.00 bill.

BWD, well just another day of pre-ride wipeouts, ask Cody, he's coming down the street and I'm zipping through the front yard, into the ditch @ 18 mph, lose my balance and do a end over,,, what a laugh, huh Cody ?

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